Nearby parking spaces

                        Since the studio is in the very town centre, finding a closeby parking lot can appear challenging but here are a few tips which former travellers have found useful.


  • Possible parking spaces :

Free on Sundays and during the holidays but regulated by a fee on any other day (ticket machine)

The nearest are in 'Rue Perrault' and 'Place Saint Pierre', as well as in 'Rue Saint André'.

Please take notice that they are public and therefore not secured.


The rates are :

Free the first 30 min. and 2,20 euros/hour (max. 3:30 hours)

Fees are due from 8 am to 12 am, then from 2 pm to 7 pm.


Chartres has recently implemented an experimental traffic plan which can confuse your sat nav.


The way from Paris to the nearest parking spaces in 'Rue Perrault' is :


“Rue d'Albis” to “Place Morard” (down the slope)

Turn right “Boulevard Clemenceau”

Turn left “rue de la Porte Guillaume”

Take the 2nd left “rue de la Foulerie”

Cross the bridge on the right over the river "Eure"

Turn right “rue de la Planche aux Carpes”

Then turn left “rue Perrault”.


If those were to be found full, ask for 'Boulevard Foch' on the sat nav : there are street spaces all along (charges except on Sundays)


  • It is also possible to access the underground and secured parking lots although they are a little more distant (15 min. walk). I can give you the rates if interested.


  • There are also several free parking lots : one of them is within 800 m. (0,5 miles) of the studio (9-11 min. walk). It goes by the name of the 'Des 3 détours' lot, in the street of the same name.


Basically, the whole Chartres town centre has regulated parking spaces. If you search 'parking lot' on the Internet, you can see that the river 'Eure'- in the southwest - is the boundary between charged / free parking. The 'Des 3 détours' street – as well as the surrounding streets where you can also find where to park – is located in this free area.

When parked, cross the rive 'Eure' to get to the studio :


    From the parking to the studio by walk:

    1. Follow "Rue des 3 détours" to "Rue du Faubourg Guillaume"

    2. Turn right on "Rue du Faubourg Guillaume"

    3. Continue on "Rue de la Porte Guillaume"

    4. Cross "Pont Bouju"

    5. Continue on "Rue du Bourg"

    6. Turn left on "Rue des Ecuyers"

    7. The 'Rue des Ecuyers" turns slightly left and becomes "Rue Saint-Pierre»: you have arrived at your destination!